🌸 Daniela has been home in Visoko and a few other places you might visit on our tours for last few years. Although originally from the Czech Republic, she’s fluent in the local language(s) as well as English and German. She has a basic knowledge of Dutch and Russian. She’s been exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2010 and she has a strong connection to and life mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She’s been searching for the purest places on the planet (especially regarding the quality of water and air) and she found many of them in the wild nature of this beautiful country. 🌸

Daniela has translated and published two books about Bosnia and Herzegovina (see more at www.danielabosna.com). She’s been supporting and promoting the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation since 2014. She enjoys her role as a touristic and transformation guide for those who are interested in visiting her beloved places in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Dalmatia, and elsewhere. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the place where feminine energy awakens immediately, its pyramids, tunnels and other sacred places, its rivers, waterfalls, roses, herbs, homemade meals and locally-sourced ingredients are just the right environments for the empowering time spent together.

Daniela’s website

Email: danielabohata55@gmail.com

Daniela is also a member of the Advisory Board of Bosnian pyramids.

Balkan reTREATs are of a transformative character and joining one of them might actually make you RICH.


= enjoying excellent locally-sourced food, relaxing, recovering,
= focusing on health and transformation,
= an immersive individual and/or group experience,
= life-changing experience in a beautiful location,
= time for relaxing and processing,
= more experiential and transformational than any indoor workshop/training can be.

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