DPjuli2018The Dutch Dymphi Peeters is a singer, kora player and voice healer who creates medicine music. Her music is best described as intuitive meditative world music based on free improvisation.

In an ocean of world music, she stands out – in addition to the special instrumentation of the African Kora – through the great expressiveness in timbres and emotions in her voice that brings to various parts of the world, but also because she sings in an intuitive primal language that invites you to sink with your attention out of your head and into your body. Fans describe her as a „primeval woman“ who can touch your heart and soul with her music.

The „Ask your Heart“ CD released in 2017 from the unique Mehmet Polat Trio in which she plays the kora, received many international positive reviews from the world music and jazz scene. The Mehmet Polat Trio is a contemporary combination of ud, ney and kora virtuosos. They mix rich musical traditions of the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa with a modal jazz approach.

Beginning of 2019 Dymphi released a new album with composer and producer Andre Schoorlemmer, called Gaia.
Dymphi performs as a solo artist and under the name Dragonfly – Ecstatic Dance Band in collaboration with Ecstatic Dance Utrecht.

Her musical roots lie in Eastern European folk music and she has experience with flamenco, voice expression, improvised music and also with Opera. Originally, Dymphi studied Educational Science and Technology, which she has since combined with ongoing personal and spiritual research and experiences. But life took her on the path of music, where her heart really lies. Dymphi likes to develop herself and to broaden her horizons.

In addition to her work as a musician, she focuses on voice work. Voice work is an instrument for expressing and transforming feelings and energy. It is not about beautiful singing, but about expressing in sound what you feel. It works as a kind of energetic cleanup. It is also called voice expression or voice healing.

„I love my music to bring release and peace and it is my mission to empower you to free your voice, literally and metaphorically speaking“

To get into the right energy for singing Dymphi uses special warming up for body and voice. She provides a safe and fun setting where you can explore yourself. This voice work will invite you to step a little out of your comfort zone and show and express yourself in a uniquely authentic way. It is a very good tool to enhance real contact and connection and being in the present moment. It also works very mindful as well to get more into your body and use your inner knowledge.

Musical impression of Dymphi:

CD Gaia
Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band: Into the Unknown
Voicing at the Tumulus in Bosnia: DYMPHI in the Bosnian valley of pyramids
Voice & Kora: DYMPHI and KORA
Woman Goddess: GODDESS VIDEO


 “A party when Dymphi takes you on a musical journey of discovery. She gives direction and challenges you to explore boundaries with your sounding sisters and to recreate the world in sound. ”- Debora Goedewaagen
Beautiful person and artist. She works from the heart with great talent. For me it was very healing to let my voice be heard and sing for and from my ancestors. I felt very comfortable and inspired in the presence. Marina – Marina van Aken
“Beautiful intense experience with a voice healing session. Thanks to the very purely coordinated guidance of Dymphi, I was able to reach a vulnerable part of myself. As a result, the frozen part could melt and then I felt so much fuller and richer, and that is still audible in my sounds. ”- Sabine van der Aa
“Dymphi Peeters is a great music teacher! Today she helped me through a breakthrough with vocal exercises. She helps me explore a side of myself that I did not know existed. I used to have musical teachers that thought me to learn notes or play a classical piece from a book the same way how Bach played it. The difference with Dymphi is: She brings you in touch with your inner expression or music and sound. If you are looking for a musical teacher outside the box than she is the one, because she teaches music to come from your soul! ”- Helena Arturaleza

Contact Dymphi:
Phone: 0031644676082



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