with Daniela Bohata and YOU, the sisters who can HEAR THE CALLING…



🌹DAY 1

The hotel is indeed right on the beach in Brist, Gradac, Croatia.
Closest airport is Split, eventually Dubrovnik or Sarajevo.
Daniela will help you organize your airport transfer – contact her: +420773644388 WhatsApp. Check in any time after 11:00.


We suggest you arrive to the hotel no later than at 15:55.
Our reTreat starts at 16:33 at the beach.
19:00 Traditional Dalmatian dinner.

🌹DAY 2

Morning meditation at the SEA.
Traditional Dalmatian breakfast at hotel terrace with sea view.
BIOKOVO TRIP: TO THE DEVINE MOUNTAINS high above the coast (highest peak of Biokovo is Sveti Jure 1 762 m!). We will drive you up to the highest peak and then we will have a short 30 min hike to another peak.


Traditional Dalmatian dinner with a view on our way back.

🌹DAY 3

Traditional Dalmatian breakfast at hotel terrace with sea view.
Hike to the romantic old stone village Podaca


+ spring shower + devine beach swim.

Voice activation in wild nature.
Merging with Dalmatian culture and people.
Traditional Dalmatian late lunch.

🌹DAY 4

Traditional Dalmatian breakfast at hotel terrace with sea view.

Traditional Dalmatian dinner.

🌹DAY 5

Traditional Dalmatian breakfast at hotel terrace with sea view.
Check-out and leaving for Herzegovina.
The Machu Picchu of Herzegovina – the ancient Illyrian town of Daorson with 360 view.







Coffee in the Old Mill under a waterfall.
Traditional Herzegovina dinner in Počitelj artistic colony.
Night in Počitelj – romantic stone houses and place where artists have always gathered and worked.

🌹 DAY 6

Traditional Herzegovina breakfast.





WINETASTING of quality wine in local WINERY.

Traditional music evening in Počitelj.

🌹 DAY 7

11:11 AM the end of our retreat.

We can’t promise dolphins as they are as wild as we are and even more but we are sure they will hear our calling… 🐬🐬🐬

Organized options before or after the retreat:
– Possible extra night(s) at the hotel on 24th and 25th September 33 euro with breakfast/night
– Makarska town (upon request)
– Biokovo revisited (upon request)

Sisters,♥ Let’s explore the country of rivers, waterfalls, lakes and the Adriatic sea with us….♥ Let’s connect with our inner water, fire, our primal instinct and wisdom.♥ Let’s give voice to our ancient wisdom and anchor this power in Mother Earth.♥ Let’s invite and support each other in this space.♥


Daniela being tuned into the local nature, culture and language, is in charge of chosing the right place and the right time for our group. She will guide us through enjoying the best food and seeing and feeling the most magical and powerful healing places. Daniela will also share the interesting knowledge of the places, its stories and help you organize all practical matters. More about DANIELA



Fee: 550 €

Two separate payments:

1) 330€  – Registration fee = deposit, organization, coordination, programme, transport, guiding, lecturing, room reservation – IN ADVANCE (not refundable). To be paid by 1st September 2019:

EUR payment to

– Daniela Bohatá: 2001612104/2010; IBAN: CZ8420100000002001612104; SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX.

CZK payment to Daniela Bohatá: 670100-2213211425/6210 (mBank).

For payment in other currency, contact Daniela:

2) 230 € – Accommodation, meals, entrance/ local fees – IN CASH upon arrival to the venue.

Registration may close sooner when the maximum capacity of accommodation is reached The minimum number of participants is 11. The maximum is 22.


Extra fee for Transport from/to the airport.

Contact Daniela via Whatsapp+420 773 644 388.



throughout the programme of the reTreat.


4 nights in a hotel right on the beach.

2 nights in artistic complex in Počitelj


Brist – romantic fishermen’s village with huge number of sunny days in a year and very stable weather throughout the year.




Olive oil family production visit.

Biokovo National park.




Traditional old Dalmatian village.

Boat trip.


Medieval stone town Počitelj with its history of artists who have been painting on its breathtaking terraces for decades. And you will have a chance to sleep where they had slept and paint where they had painted.




Bosnian Macchu Picchu Daorson.


Winetasting in local winery.




Touristic and transformation guide with knowledge of the local language.
Local guides.


6x traditional breakfast (4x Dalmatian, 2x Herzegovina)
6x Traditional Dalmatian/Herzegovina lunch/dinner

It’s possible (and we do recommend that) to come 1 or 2 days earlier or to prolong your stay for a few days  in Brist when the programme is over – for more information contact Daniela:

Not included in the fee:

Transport to/from/ Croatia.

Contact Daniela if u need assistance with transport organization.

We suggest you get by plane to Split, Croatia or eventually Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can fly back from Split or from Sarajevo if you want to spend some more time around Bosnia and Herzegovina after our reTreat.

Travel insurance

Make sure you have travel insurance covering not only the dates of the programme but also your trip to/from the destination.

Entrance fees and meals other than those included in the programme.

Should you have any questions contact Daniela.


💜✨🌈 My dear Amazing, Beautiful Sisters 🌈✨💜

I just wanted to write to you a big thank you, for the most beautiful week in my life – ever.

You have given me so much joy, love and profound connection … it’s beyond words. My usual pattern is to withdraw from social interaction as much as possible, because most people tend to cost me a lot of energy – by using too many words, mostly coming from the ratio. But with you, your words all come from your heart and soul… which is the best gift you can give me. I have taken them all in.
It also moved me so much to see how you all connected with each other. The caring, the embraces, the interaction, the genuine interest… I am so happy so many of you took all these beautiful pictures and shot these beautiful videos; they are priceless to me. I really relive all of the joy and love when I go through them.

I feel like I have floated in a sea of love and joy, for nine consecutive days. When I came home, it felt like I was abruptly ripped out of heaven and tossed onto the earth. Oooph, that was hard… I actually felt lost! Where do I belong? What am I doing here, being a slave of my schedule… I had never felt so out of place before. I now have felt how life should be lived, and it feels difficult to get back to the normal ‘prison’ of the money making system in which we are all trapped. Unfortunately it’s something that cannot be changed overnight, but I am working on it :0)

Now since a few days I have found my balance again, and I am at peace and ready to write this message to you. Our amazing trip has definitely strengthened my will to get back to the essence of life even more.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again, and to swim in your sea of pure love and joy.

I embrace you, long and tightly,


Sisterhood Awakening Call

“I’m going to the Bosnian Pyramids with a group of sisters.” Dymphi Peeters: I met her last year on the Hieros Gamos festival. All over my body I had … goosebumps … And last year I had made the promise I would listen to signs of my body. Having goosebumps is one of those signs. Why I had them? I really had no clue. I didn’t even know Bosnia had pyramids! But one thing I knew: I had to go with Dymphi, her companion Daniela Bohatá, and this group. They referred to it as: ‘Sisterhood Awakening Retreat’. Well… I’d like to change that title into: ‘SISTERHOOD AWAKENING CALL’

Every day I walked to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun… A beautiful sight and an extraordinary energy, looking at the Pyramid of Love, the Moon, Dragon and the Temple of Mother Earth. We went to the Tunnels of Ravne ~ the tunnels which contain a very healthy environment: every time I came out with a different state of mind and different state of being.

Being with sisters together has nothing to do with holiday or retreat (with all due respect my loves!): it has to do with diving deep into yourself. In being a woman. Daring to cry, to sing, to dance, to heal ~ with each other. I deeply thank you for being there with me, for giving me comfort, for holding me close to you, surrounding me in rough times and for the singing, dancing and laughter. My tears could flow. My body healed. My soul danced and sang out loud:

‘May all mothers know that they are loved, may all sisters know that they are strong, and may all daughters know that they are worthy.’

Thank you Bosnia, for showing us what love is.
Thank you Red Dragon, for guiding me.
Thank you M., for your love and for giving me space to heal and grow.
Thank you mom and dad, for giving me this life.
Thank you sisters, for bringing me home.


Daniela Bohata – ReTreat design

jaDaniela has been home in Dalmatia and Bosnian Valley of Pyramids and a few other places you might visit on our tours for the last few years. Although originally from the Czech Republic, she’s fluent in the local language(s) as well as English and German. She has a basic knowledge of Dutch and Russian. She’s been exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia since 2010 and she has a strong connection to and life mission in the Balkans. She’s been searching for the purest places on the planet (especially regarding the quality of water and air) and she found many of them in the wild nature of this beautiful region.

Daniela has translated and published two books about Bosnia and Herzegovina (see more at She’s been supporting and promoting the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation since 2014. She enjoys her role as a touristic and transformation guide for those who are interested in visiting her beloved places in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Dalmatia, and elsewhere. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dalmatia are places where feminine energy awakens immediately, its sea, mountains, ancient hihstory and sacred places, its rivers, waterfalls, roses, herbs, homemade meals and locally-sourced ingredients are just the right environments for the empowering time spent together.

Daniela has successfully developed her spiritual senses so that she can provide you information on the root of your physical or emotional challenges in brief 5-15 minutes individual sessions at your arrival so that you can get the most of your stay in the many healing places we will visit together.

Mobile: +420773644388 (Whatsapp)

Daniela is also a member of the Advisory Board of Bosnian pyramids.

🇬🇧 Daniela’s CV

🇮🇹 Daniela

🇭🇷 Preporuka od posjetitelja

🇧🇦 Čehinja Daniela zaljubljena u BiH i njene prirodne ljepote

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