🗿 Tribal Family Artistic Retreat



Tribal Family Artistic Retreat

in the Valley of Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

19th – 24th August 2019

Dear brothers and sisters, parents and kids! Let’s form a tribe and come with us in the summer to explore:

Pyramid energy, ancient places, wild nature,
intuitive art workshops, meditation,
voice healing workshops, inner journeys,
regression therapy sessions,
kids program, delicious food

with: Daniela Bohata – ReTreat design

Dymphi Peeters – Voice healing work

Helena Arturaleza – Art workshops

Rick Jansen – Regression therapy


5 nights in Visoko (pyramids, tunnels, tumulus)
It’s possibe to prolong your stay for a few days when the programme is over – for more information contact Daniela: bosna.daniela@gmail.com

Bosnian valley of pyramids:
Ravne tunnel complex visit – 1x guided tour focused on information + 1x sound meditation + 1x individual meditation.
Regeneration and relaxation park Ravne 2 visit.
Sunrise on the top of Sun pyramid.
Morning meditation under Sun pyramid.
Visits to Sun, Moon and Love pyramid, Mother of Earth Temple and Vratnica Tumulus.
Touristic and transformation guide with knowledge of local language.
Local guides.

4x traditional Bosnian breakfast in Visoko
Traditional Bosnian lunch on the plateau of Moon pyramid.
Traditional Bosnian lunch on the plateau of Love pyramid.
2x Traditional Bosnian home made dinner.
1x traditional Herzegovina plate.
COFFEE BREAKS (tea possible:))
Traditional Bosnian coffee in Konjic + swimming in the river Neretva.


Adults: €770,-
Kids 8-18 years: €550,-
Kids 3-7 years: €220,- (only if they share a bed with their parents)
Kids 0-3 years: free

You will receive more detailed information when you REGISTER.

Should you have any questions contact Daniela or Dymphi.

Daniela Bohata – ReTreat design

jaDaniela has been home in Visoko and a few other places you might visit on our tours for last few years. Although originally from the Czech Republic, she’s fluent in the local language(s) as well as English and German. She has a basic knowledge of Dutch and Russian. She’s been exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2010 and she has a strong connection to and life mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She’s been searching for the purest places on the planet (especially regarding the quality of water and air) and she found many of them in the wild nature of this beautiful country.

Daniela has translated and published two books about Bosnia and Herzegovina (see more at www.danielabosna.com). She’s been supporting and promoting the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation since 2014. She enjoys her role as a touristic and transformation guide for those who are interested in visiting her beloved places in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Dalmatia, and elsewhere. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the place where feminine energy awakens immediately, its pyramids, tunnels and other sacred places, its rivers, waterfalls, roses, herbs, homemade meals and locally-sourced ingredients are just the right environments for the empowering time spent together.

Email: danielabohata55@gmail.com
Daniela is also a member of the Advisory Board of Bosnian pyramids.

🇬🇧 Daniela’s CV

🇮🇹 Daniela

🇭🇷 Preporuka od posjetitelja

🇧🇦 Čehinja Daniela zaljubljena u BiH i njene prirodne ljepote

Dymphi Peeters – Voice healing work

DPjuli2018The Dutch Dymphi Peeters is a singer, kora player and voice healer who creates medicine music. Her music is best described as intuitive meditative world music based on free improvisation.

In an ocean of world music, she stands out – in addition to the special instrumentation of the African Kora – through the great expressiveness in timbres and emotions in her voice that brings to various parts of the world, but also because she sings in an intuitive primal language that invites you to sink with your attention out of your head and into your body. Fans describe her as a „primeval woman“ who can touch your heart and soul with her music.

Beginning of 2019 Dymphi released a new album with composer and producer Andre Schoorlemmer, called Gaia.

In addition to her work as a musician, she focuses on voice work. Voice work is an instrument for expressing and transforming emotional patterns and energy. It is not about beautiful singing, but about expressing in sound what you feel. It works as a kind of energetic cleanup. It is also called voice expression or voice healing.

„I love my music to bring release and peace and it is my mission to empower you to free your voice, literally and metaphorically speaking“

To get into the right energy for singing Dymphi uses special warming up for body and voice. She provides a safe and fun setting where you can explore yourself. This voice work will invite you to step a little out of your comfort zone and show and express yourself in a uniquely authentic way. It is a very good tool to enhance real contact and connection and being in the present moment. It also works very mindful as well to get more into your body and use your inner knowledge.

“A party when Dymphi takes you on a musical journey of discovery. She gives direction and challenges you to explore boundaries with your sounding sisters and to recreate the world in sound. ”- Debora Goedewaagen
Beautiful person and artist. She works from the heart with great talent. For me it was very healing to let my voice be heard and sing for and from my ancestors. I felt very comfortable and inspired in the presence. – Marinka van Aken
“Beautiful intense experience with a voice healing session. Thanks to the very purely coordinated guidance of Dymphi, I was able to reach a vulnerable part of myself. As a result, the frozen part could melt and then I felt so much fuller and richer, and that is still audible in my sounds. ”- Sabine van der Aa

Musical impression of Dymphi:
CD Gaia
Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band: Into the Unknown
Voicing at the Tumulus in Bosnia: DYMPHI in the Bosnian valley of pyramids
Voice & Kora: DYMPHI and KORA
Woman Goddess: GODDESS VIDEO

Contact Dymphi:
Phone: 0031644676082

Helena Arturaleza – Art workshops


Helena was born in 1992 in a little village just north of Amsterdam. She has always been a creative spirit; since childhood she found her ways to express through dance, music and painting.

Her artistic journey started at age 19 when she was asked to teach Art to her peers during her Media & Design education. Besides she started to receive her first commissions. As a result she skipped art school and started her life as a professional artist.

With the world as her teacher she embraced life as a traveller, developed her own style and taught herself how to paint. After several years of life experience she studied with different artists at the Vienna Academy of Visionary art. Life, colour, nature and people inspire Helena’s work. Her work is characterized by spirituality also known as Visionary art. Visionary art inspires a worldwide movement, which brings a deeper understanding of life communicated through images.

Rick Jansen – Regression therapy



Rick is a Past Life & Regression Therapist and works as a part-time teacher with children (age 10-13) in Amsterdam. ‘It is a joy to be part of this retreat. To support your personal journeys at this special place I will offer guided Inner Journeys and personal Past
Life & Regression Therapy Sessions. I started exploring this therapy to assist my own path in
2014. This and my meeting with Tibetan Buddhism and Indian Philosophy started my fascination and interest in healing, exploring and growing consciousness. After two years of exploration through Nepal & India I followed an intensive training with the Regression
Academy in Italy. Now I facilitate personal sessions, group workshops and retreats at several sacred places like the pyramids in Bosnia.

Inner Journeys (guided in group)
In this journey your subconscious mind will bring you in to touch with the wisdom of your heart that offers you the inspiration, discoveries, insights and awakening of positive feelings and qualities that you need at that particular time. This can take the form of a past life. It is not relevant if this past life is reality.The most important thing is that a context is created that is completely outside of your day to day reality. In this way your creative wise heart has the freedom to create the right, rich and deep experience for you.

Personal Past Life & Regression Therapy Sessions – to be booked seperately
To deepen your personal process you can book a personal session with me additionaly.
Regression Therapy is an effective method to find the original source of a mental, emotional or physical limitation or “problem” you are facing. Through deep mindfulness of bodily sensations you enter a light trance state. This state allows you to easily trace back relevant past experiences in your subconscious mind. By understanding, truly feeling, embracing and letting go of ‘unnecessary weight’ a transformation inside of you is possible. Inner Child Healing, Body Release and/or Past Life Healing are key aspects of a session. You can read more about these processes on my website.

I am a therapist and spiritual coach and had many sessions over the years. However I was incredibly impressed and over the moon when I had an inner child healing with Rick. If you have an opportunity to work with Rick, take it. He is a natural. – Triona (UK)

Rick helped me with fundamental mental-emotional problems. This gave my life a strong push in the right direction. Withour Rick and this therapy I would not have been where I am now. – Benjamin (NL)

You are a professional guide, that helped me to go to difficult places without hesitation or
fear. From my heart I thank you for your attunement, softness, safety and all ingredients that helped me to surrender to this proces. – Els (NL)

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